Return to Dunwich Player Card Rundown

There’s a fresh upload over on the video side today:

It feels a little random to be dropping a look at the Return to the Dunwich Legacy player cards this far after the upgrade box’s release, but with the recent arrival of Return to the Path to Carcosa I guess I had upgrade boxes on my mind. I’m taking a look at what I want to tackle next, but it might end up being a long overdue video review of the scenario side of Return to the Night of the Zealot.

Looking Ahead at The Dream-Eaters

I have a new video out that takes a look ahead to the upcoming deluxe expansion The Dream-Eaters. In it I talk about why I’m excited for this cycle, and engage in a little speculation about what it might have in store.

If that’s not enough Dream-Eaters for you, I’ve also posted my Explore the Lore playlist for this cycle:

Explore the Lore: The Circle Undone

I’ve just finished compiling a new playlist in my “Explore the Lore” series, this time covering The Circle Undone. Just like the playlists I’ve done for the previous campaigns, this list compiles some videos related to the fiction and lore that inspired The Circle Undone campaign. Brown Jenkin makes a couple appearances, so maybe don’t watch right before bed.

That may not be as exciting as a new Atlas Agency video, but stay tuned and hopefully some of those will be coming soon as well.

Arkham Roundup: 03/17/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

The Secret Name Released

Last week’s biggest news was the retail release of The Secret Name, which hit U.S. shelves on the 14th. I’ve had a chance to play the new scenario a handful of times now and overall I’ve found it to be enjoyable experience (even though I’ve yet to achieve a successful resolution). If you have the opportunity, I would encourage you to check out the Lovecraft story “The Dreams in the Witch House” before you play this one, as it draws a significant amount of inspiration (and flavor text) from that story. You can read it here.

Multi-Class Cards

If you haven’t seen the pack’s new player cards yet, you can check those out over on ArkhamDB. I’m hoping to have my own player card rundown video for the pack done in the near future, but for now I’ll say I think The Secret Name will go down as a top-tier pack on the player card front. A few members of the community have already posted looks at the new player cards. The blog Though the Gates posted their written impressions of the new cards, and over on YouTube the channel Optimal Play has done a video review.

One thing to be aware of as you dive into the pack: there was a day one errata revising the way the pack’s new multiclass cards interact with the deckbuilding requirements of investigators with access to limited numbers of cards. The printed rules in the pack’s insert explain that if an investigator “has limited access to one of the classes on a multiclass card, that card will still occupy one of those slots, even if the investigator has unlimited access to that card’s other class.” The insert uses Carolyn Fern as an example, explaining that even though Carolyn has unlimited access to Guardian cards, the Guardian/Mystic card Enchanted Blade would still count as one of her 15 Seeker and/or Mystic cards. This has been amended and is no longer correct. You can view the updated text in the online version of the campaign guide in the Support section on Fantasy Flight’s website. The amended rule reads, “If an investigator has limited access to one of the classes on a multiclass card and unlimited access to one of the other classes on that card, it will still occupy one of the investigator’s limited slots unless their deckbuilding options contains the word ‘other’ in it.” Under this new rule, Enchanted Blade would not count as one of Carolyn’s 15 Seeker and/or Mystic cards.

The Wages of Sin Card Preview

Now that The Secret Name is out we’ll hopefully be settling into the typical once-a-month release pattern for new Mythos Packs. That means The Wages of Sin isn’t far off, and we’ve just had our first community card preview for Wages from the folks over at the Mythos Busters podcast. This weekend they got to show off Sixth Sense, an upcoming Mystic card. If you missed the live stream of the preview you can watch the recording over on YouTube.

The Great Old Ones Podcast

Last but not least for this week, I want to point you to a newly launched Arkham-focused podcast, The Great Old Ones. This new show is a collaboration between a few established Arkham content creators from YouTube, so you may already be familiar with some of the voices behind it. One of the ways you can listen is via YouTube; here’s the show’s first episode:

Arkham Roundup: 03/03/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

The Secret Name

A few days ago Team Covenant began processing subscription charges for The Secret Name, which means the pack’s U.S. release is imminent. If the normal pattern holds we should be getting it on Thursday, March 14. In the meantime, if you’re itching for Secret Name card previews and you missed the stream by the Mythos Busters on Twitch last week, you can check out the video over on YouTube. The new card they previewed is Intel Report, which looks to be a very useful addition to the Rogue toolbox.

Video Content

Over on the video side I’ve posted Part 1 of my player card rundown series for The Circle Undone deluxe box:

That’s it for this week. Good luck in your investigations!

Arkham Roundup: 02/24/19

A roundup of some recent Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest.

In the Clutches of Chaos

In The Clutches of Chaos Announced

Fantasy Flight has announced the fifth Mythos Pack of The Circle Undone, titled In the Clutches of Chaos. It looks as though this scenario may be drawing inspiration from the gameplay of the Arkham Horror board games, with the investigators racing around the city of Arkham to close breaches as the city destabilizes. That seems suitable given this cycle’s focus on exploring Arkham itself. There are a handful of player card previews in the article, including a very exciting card for the Mystic class, so be sure to take a look at the announcement.

The Secret Name Previews

Speaking of player cards – on their latest episode the Drawn to the Flame podcast had an opportunity to preview a new player card from the upcoming The Secret Name Mythos Pack. You can check out the card image here. Not to be outdone, the Mythos Busters have announced that they too will be previewing a card from The Secret Name over on their Twitch channel tomorrow night (Monday, February 25 at 9:00 P.M. central).

The Circle Undone Errata

An error has been discovered in the scenario The Witching Hour from The Circle Undone where, depending on which random locations are in play, it’s possible for the scenario to be unwinnable in a small number of 1- or 2-player setups (games with 3 or more players are unaffected). An official errata to fix this issue should be forthcoming but for now we have a temporary solution from lead developer Matt Newman, shared in a post on this thread at the FFG forums. Matt recommends setting the scenario up with 5 Witch-Haunted Woods locations in play instead of just 4 (following the usual instructions for distributing the locations as evenly as possible). He says a future edition of the FAQ will either make this change permanent or address the issue in some other way.


Over on the Atlas Agency YouTube I’ve just uploaded a (belated) scenario impressions video covering The City of Archives:

I also recently pieced together something a little different on YouTube: a sampler playlist featuring one video from each of the Arkham-related YouTube channels. If you’re looking to explore Arkham video content, this should be a good way to get a taste of the different creators who are out there. I limited this to active channels that are specifically focused on Arkham Horror: The Card Game. 

I limited this playlist to English-language channels, but in putting it together I did come across a newly-launched Spanish-language Arkham Channel, Los Archivos de Arkham, which may be of interest to some of you.

Arkham Roundup: 02/12/19 Catch-Up Edition

I’m back from vacation with a roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past few weeks.

The Circle Undone Released

The biggest news of the past couple weeks is, of course, the long-awaited release of The Circle Undone deluxe expansion (which dropped January 31). So far my experiences with the new content have been positive; I think it’ll probably end up being my second-favorite of the deluxe expansions so far, behind The Path to Carcosa. I’ve had a chance to play through the prologue scenario a handful of times, I’ve run Joe Diamond through both scenarios solo, and I’m planning on starting a second run tomorrow using a Finn and Marie pairing.

One of the surprises in The Circle Undone was the inclusion of 2 copies of the card The 13th Vision, the player-designed basic weakness from one of the two Arkham Nights 2017 card councils. It arrives with a few minor tweaks from the Arkham Nights version – its trait has changed from Madness to Omen, its card type changed from asset to treachery, it lost its subtitle, and it lost a sentence preventing it from leaving play due to other effects – but it’s still pretty much the same card designed by the card council. Does this mean we’re likely to see the other Arkham Nights 2017 card, The Council’s Coffers, in this cycle?

Union and Disillusion

Union and Disillusion Announced

Just prior to the release of The Circle Undone we also got the announcement for the cycle’s fourth Mythos Pack: Union and Disillusion, a name I have for some reason found irrationally difficult to remember. There’s a healthy round of player card previews in the announcement article, with one for each class. All of the previewed cards are interesting, but since I’m running a site called the Atlas Agency it’s hard for me not to be excited about a card named Esoteric Atlas.

Drawn to the Flame’s Hundredth Episode

The Drawn to the Flame podcast is one my favorite corners of the Arkham community, so I was happy to see that the show recently hit its 100 episode milestone. If you haven’t given Drawn to the Flame a try, head on over there and check them out.

Decks of the Week Compendium

Over on the Arkham subreddit, user gtcarlson11 has been doing a weekly feature picking out a “deck of the week” from ArkhamDB. These decks have now been compiled over on his blog The ChiLo Horror in a Decks of the Week Compendium. If you’re interested in browsing a curated list of interesting decklists from some of ArkhamDB’s finest deckbuilders, head over there and check it out.

The Atlas Agency

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s my video review of the Guardians of the Abyss scenario pack:

Arkham Roundup: Week of 01/13/19

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.

The Circle Undone Approaches

I thought last week that we were at the end of the previews for Circle Undone but we were treated to one (presumably final) preview this week, this time unveiling some of the encounter cards we’ll be facing. There weren’t any new player cards previewed in this article, so feel free to skip it if you’re someone who likes to avoid encounter card spoilers

The wait for this set is almost over – it looks like the U.S. street date for The Circle Undone will be January 31.

The Deep Wait

This week finally saw a restock of all 5 of the Arkham Files novellas, but frustratingly they seem to have disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. You may have luck finding copies at your local store, but Fantasy Flight’s web shop already shows all 5 novellas as back out of stock and it looks like it may be months before another printing rolls in. I think the situation with the novellas was probably the biggest Arkham-related disappointment of 2018, and it’s unfortunate to see it still hasn’t been resolved.

Popularity Contest

We’re now up to a total of 25 playable investigators in Arkham (soon to be 30 when Circle lands). If you’ve ever wondered which of those investigators are the most popular among players, Andy at GravyAnecdote has you covered with the article “Which investigators are the most popular on” There are several interesting charts in the article, including one mapping out the investigators’ shifts in relative popularity over time (for example, you can see interest in Jim Culver spiking during Forgotten Age).

If you’re just starting to explore these investigators for yourself, you may want to check out the primer “The 4 Investigator Roles” posted this week over on the ChiLo Horror blog. This is a beginner-friendly look at the different gameplay roles that investigators can serve within a party.

Space and Time

That’s it for this week. A programming note – there will not be a roundup post next week or the week after, as I will be away on vacation. Look for the next one to be around February 10.

Arkham News Roundup: Week of 01/06/19

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.

Return to the Dunwich Legacy Release

The biggest news of the week was that the Return to the Dunwich Legacy upgrade expansion released on Thursday. I’m currently working on my first run through the updated campaign, using a Minh and Leo pairing to play two-handed solo. It’s still early – I’m only through The Miskatonic Museum – but so far I’m enjoying the experience. I’ve especially liked what I’ve seen so far of the set’s “replacement” encounter sets.

Return to the Dunwich Legacy does have an unfortunate production issue that was spotted pretty quickly after its release, discussed over on this thread on BoardGameGeek. It’s not so much an issue with Return as it is with the Dunwich Mythos Packs; it has to do with a cosmetic change that was made at some point in the past to the unrevealed sides of certain location cards in The Miskatonic Museum, The Essex County Express, and Where Doom Awaits. Early printings of these Mythos Packs featured “blank circle” symbols in the upper left-hand corners of certain locations. These circles were removed in later printings. Return to the Dunwich Legacy uses the “no circle” design for its location cards, so if you have an early printing of one of these Mythos Packs then you’ll be able to tell when an unrevealed card is from Return

Exhibit Hall Issue

On the left is an Exhibit Hall from Return to the Dunwich Legacy. On the right is an Exhibit Hall from an early printing of The Miskatonic Museum. Note the tell-tale circle in the upper left.

See the image above for an example of what this looks like. We don’t yet know what Fantasy Flight will offer as a fix for players impacted by this, but fortunately it’s only a small number of cards that’s affected.

The Circle Undone Previews

We were treated to a couple of new previews for The Circle Undone this week. First, over on FFG’s site they previewed the box’s sixth and final new investigator (with a bonus look at 1 new Mystic player card). Then, over on Drawn to the Flame, Frank and Peter got to preview another of the expansion’s new Mystic cards. And, though I think this one was technically last week, the Mythos Busters also recently got to unveil a new Survivor card.

At this point it’s likely we’re near the end of the official previews for The Circle Undone. We’ve had quite a bit previewed:

  • We know all 6 of the box’s new investigators along with all of their signature cards (though we still don’t know the deckbuilding restrictions for a few of them).
  • Between the official previews and the Mythos Busters preview we’ve now seen all 4 Survivor cards.
  • We’ve had previews for 3 Mystic cards. In addition, the fourth card is partially visible in a card fan on the Spanish Fantasy Flight site.
  • We’ve seen 2 Seeker cards and 2 Rogue cards.
  • We know the least about the new Guardian player cards. We know their Tarot asset and we have some partial information on one card (Delay the Inevitable, from the card fan in the initial announcement). We don’t know the main text of Delay the Inevitable and we don’t know anything about their remaining 2 cards.
  • We saw 1 Neutral card and 1 new Basic Weakness in the Tarot preview.

As far as I know we don’t have a final release date for the box, but I expect it’s not far off. A January release doesn’t seem to be outside the realm of possibility.


Just yesterday the blog The Strange Solution posted an excellent wrap-up/debrief on the Forgotten Age campaign. It’s a great discussion of what worked and didn’t work this cycle, and I’m in agreement with most of the author’s points about the scenarios and the campaign’s overall mechanics.

That’s it for this roundup. If you’re out there playing Return to the Dunwich Legacy this week, I wish you good luck in your campaign.

Arkham News Roundup: Week of 12/30/18

A roundup of some Arkham Horror: The Card Game announcements, previews, community postings and other items of interest from the past week.

Official Previews

Fantasy Flight ended the year with another preview for The Circle Undone, this time showcasing the set’s new Tarot player cards. We’d already seen Rogue’s The Moon • XVIII in an earlier preview, and now we know it’s part of a full suite running across all 5 classes. There’s some excellent artwork on these (the Chris Peuler pieces for the 5 class-based cards previously appeared in The Dreamlands expansion for Eldritch Horror), and I always like it when player cards reinforce the themes of the cycle like this.

Designer Journal

Friday’s Designer Journal by Matt Newman on the Fantasy Flight site is filed under Arkham Horror: The Card Game, but it touches on several of Fantasy Flight’s Living Card Games as it discusses interpreting the abstractions of card games from a storytelling perspective. If you’ve ever wondered how to interpret your investigator suddenly acquiring a new Baseball Bat in the middle of the jungle, this article will give you some ideas.

Community Content

Arkham Chronicle has kicked off #AllYellowAllTheTime, a series where several Arkham content creators will experiment with building decks for parties of investigators who all come from the same class (this time, the Seeker class). This is the follow up to their previous #AllPurpleAllTheTime event, which did the same for the Mystics. The first 2 videos, the intro by Arkham Chronicle and Minh Thi Phan from Twisted Tentacle Inn, are already up.

The Atlas Agency

In honor of the new year, I took a quick look at the Arkham Files 2019 calendar over on the YouTube side of things:

And that’s all for this week.